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Justice . Duty of Care . Trust

FOI Political Candidate Pledge

Duty of Care


I commit to surrender parliamentary privilege and agree to be legally accountable for my political actions and exercise duty of care.

(like a company director or trustee has to by law.   P.P. operates as selective immunity for politicians worldwide).




I agree to minister to all of our country men and women regardless, of race, creed, gender, situation, circumstance or environment. As a politician I will put the best interests of our country, it’s people and the environment as paramount priority and serve no foreign master.


Integrity in All Leadership


When I, or my political party, achieve a balance of power, in the Government of our country, I agree to block supply or consensus of the Government until they agree to hold a referendum to put it to the people to see if they want P.P surrendered and ALL politicians to be legally accountable and exercise duty of care enshrined in constitutional law.

Strategy To Be Non Corruptible


I commit to working towards the reduction and eventual elimination of political donations and lobbying which in the past has essentially operated as legal bribery.

Funding Candidates Equally

One of a number of models for the elimination or reduction of donations needs to be selected and agreed by candidates, and eventually Government, when enough candidates with integrity (in any party) achieve a balance of power and eventual majority.

Abundance & Nuturing

Nurturing the best interests of the people and the environment becomes paramount.
Focus on solutions.
Less fighting.
More consensus.
Working for the greater good of all.
*4. Not active until we can agree on which methodology to reduce and/or eliminate donations and lobbying.
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The Foundation of Integrity, or FOI,

is a commitment to the highest level of

duty of care and integrity.

Any political candidate or party may swear the FOI commitments and still keep their unique independence, party, policies and offers. The only thing that could be compromised or lost is doing favours for their mates or being a puppet for foreign big money elites.

In Australia in 1975 the opposition blocked supply and consensus of the Government. Nothing could be achieved and the Whitlam Government was dismissed and a new election forced. When enough FOI sworn parliamentarians are elected and hold a balance of power it is achievable that they could refuse to co-operate (No.3) until the Government of the day agrees to hold a referendum on FOI commitment No.1. At that point the country has achieved the ability for democracy to work as intended for the first time in it’s history.

In Australia Prime Minister Howard sent Australia to war based on the known lie that there were WMDs in Iraq. With  FOI No.1 sworn Howard could not have done this without being charged with fraud and having been sued for his personal assets.

When FOI No.3 is achieved in a country no politician could afford to risk jail and losing all his/her personal assets by doing favours for foreign powers or their friends and associates. Duty of Care would be applicable at law for ALL politcians.

PMs Hawke and Keating sold off the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for $8.5 Billion when it was making between $1.5-4 B profit after tax annually! If they were bound to Duty of Care this couldn’t have happened. Same for selling off TAB, lotteries, toll roads, electricity grid, airports etc, most now under foreign ownership.

How do you tell the allegiance of your politician?

Ask him or her if they have taken the pledge of the Foundation of Integrity?
If they haven’t, then they are corrupt and should arguably be booted into the ocean for a refresh!

Dunk a Politician today with!

It’s like a baptism of truth, honesty & commitment uniting our leaders to create a world where everyone wins.

 “FOI Duty of Care is simple tweak to allow democracy to work as intended for the first time in history.

Let’s make the Great Southern Land the foundation of integrity. Other countries may follow. Dream it. Seed it. Demand it and watch our leaders grow in integrity.”

Kanga Blue

“Political Leaders have lost the trust of the people the are supposed to serve. They have been caught out too many times lying, stealing from taxpayers, and manipulating decisions for personal gain. If we can’t trust our leaders to do the right thing, you can’t expect people to do the right thing. Fortunately most people still do the right thing so it is imperative that political leaders are held to account with their integrity.”

Nik Cree

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.”



Let’s Work Together with a Foundation of Integrity.

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